The technology professionals with VGL utilize a strong understanding of business challenges and comprehensive IT expertise in helping your new business concept embrace its full potential.

With a depth of experience, numerous IT certifications, and continual training, the VGL team stays on top of their game.  We can analyze your needs and propose/source/implement solutions in areas ranging from infrastructure, virtualization, data security, database development and management, business intelligence, to web and mobile application design.  The VGL team provides expertise in everything from today’s widely used technologies, such as .NET and Java, to legacy applications, specialty applications, and cloud-based/open source solutions, such as Ruby and mongoDB.  Our foundational knowledge in core technologies combined with our expertise in newer technologies allows VGL to respond to your technical challenges in the manner most suited for your business.

The right IT solution(s) should reduce operational costs, speed time to market, improve overall customer service, and be a budget-able investment growing alongside your business.

Typically, bringing in IT employees at the onset of a new business is far too expensive, but partnering with the VGL technology team gives you the expertise and experience of multiple IT leaders without the long term financial commitment.

Let the VGL team find the right technology solution(s) for you.  We enjoy a challenge !