Well thought out Market Plans move visions and strategy into action.  The right market plan provides focus on how a company intends to capture the customers, and provides depth and analysis on customer and competitor segmentation, branding and positioning, advertising and public relations, as well as an analysis of the interrelationship of business strategy and marketing.

The VGL team starts by conducting extensive interviews with the concept creator, and reviewing all existing information.  We then develop industry research, look at opportunities, determine your competitors, and analyze the industry historic and forecasted trends, and work with you to understand the business landscape and determine the optimal customer targets.

Because every concept is unique in some manner, the VGL team individually crafts each Marketing Plan.  Creating a marketing plan that is substantive and enduring is definitely an iterative process, as the business model is fine-tuned.  In the end, our goal is a marketing plan that is actionable and easily understood by prospective investors and/or strategic partners.