In today’s business environment, change is continuous.  Whether you are starting a new business, restructuring the one you have, introducing new technology, or improving business processes, your results depend on your employees embracing and adopting the change.  That’s how you maximize the return on your initiative investment.

Let Vision Generation Lab help you think through the individual employee impact.  Effective change management requires extensive collaboration and client participation and process ownership.  Employees look to and listen to senior leaders in times of change, seeking direction and evaluating the level of commitment from the leader.  VGL provides the consulting support you need!

Our approach to change management is collaborative.  Starting with a thorough review of the initiative, we work with the sponsor(s) and project management to develop a clear and compelling business case for change, ensuring alignment with the vision and goals of the organization. We conduct change characteristic and organizational attribute assessments to understand the full nature of the change and those being impacted in order  to understand diverse perspectives and aspirations, engage early adopters and advocates and identify potential resistance and barriers to change. The results of these assessments guide and direct the creation of a series of plans covering areas such as communications, training, and resistance management.

All of the planning is important, but the implementation of those plans and the ability to adjust as the initiative progresses will determine the ultimate success in managing change.  During implementation, we focus on ongoing dialogue with stakeholders and using their feedback, coupled with performance metrics, to make necessary adjustments. Additionally, we ensure celebration of short-term wins provides ongoing motivation and reinforcement.  Finally, at project close, VGL conducts an After Action Review in order to learn from mistakes and successes.  This is how VGL helps builds change management competency inside your organization!